Boojum, I have been changed for the better

I tend not to do quick food. I will go out of my way to have a full, sit down meal, despite the state of my finances. As a child, I thought a lot about how wonderfully grown up it would feel to utter the words, “Just put it on my card,” and the reality has not disappointed.

If fast food is absolutely necessary due to time constraints, I fall back on Subway, or a slice of Di Fontaine’s perfect pizza.

It took a new companion recently returned from Holland to push me, and for this I thank her. Because if she hadn’t, I would not have tried Boojum and my life would be ever so slightly emptier.

Waiting outside this tiny joint, the scent emanating from the doorway was mouthwatering. The music was good, and the patrons, with their sour cream and salsa smeared faces, looked overjoyed.

I opted for three mini soft flour tortillas, with shredded pork, and the world-travelled vegetarian was happy to have a choice of two bean chillis for her burrito. The, obviously new, staff member carefully placed the fillings onto our steamed tortillas.
She reconsidered. Added a little more pork, and looked again.
I could see her debating, worried, in her head, and almost wanted to reach over and give her a hug.
Finally she made her decision, and slid the food along the counter to the topping section.

Everything looked so fresh and tasty, I had difficulty choosing, but eventually went with the corn salsa, grilled peppers and onions, sour cream and cheese. The bean burrito came with guacamole, and cilantro-lime rice as standard, which was topped up with peppers and onions, hot salsa, sour cream and cheese.

A small sign on the beer fridge caught my partner’s eye. It read, “Sol, Desperado and Corona – €2.95. All other beers, €3.95!”
I could not list all the beers in the fridge, even if I tried, but it included Goose Island, Anchor Steam, Sierra Nevada, Blue Moon, and Samuel Adams, at a price barely above an off license.

The brisk level of customer turnover meant the very small amount of tables didn’t hinder anyone getting a seat.

Armed with piles of tissues, we tucked in.

It was absolutely delicious – I can still taste the spices in my mouth as I type this. The shredded pork was succulent and tender, the peppers and onions still had bite, and the salsa was fantastic. Do try the hot sauces on the table, which taste of chilli, rather than burning. As someone who doesn’t cope well with very hot food, these sauces were a surprising delight.

The high point of the dish was the cheese. It was indescribably tasty. To the point that, when my companion had to give up on her head-sized burrito (for lack of space, rather than lack of want), she dug out the cheese with a fork, as it was physically impossible to waste it.

Speaking of the burrito, which I was assured could keep the human race in food for the duration of a nuclear winter; it was the perfect vegetarian meal. Not soggy, or bland, but as full of flavour as my meat filled version. The pinto bean chilli was highly recommended, as was the homemade guacamole, and hot salsa, from what I could gather from the various ecstatic noises and compliments of my dinner partner.

You are asked to split your recyclables at the bins, so we left happy, with a sense of good-doing, and filled right to the very brim, with barely a carbohydrate in sight.

Too long, didn’t read?

Fresh, tasty, cheap, mountains of food with reasonably priced beer. Fantastic staff, and a great atmosphere. Everything is homemade at the HQ in the outskirts of Dublin, including grating the cheese, with daily deliveries to the restaurant – trust me, it shows in the quality and flavour of the dishes.

Boojum has changed my outlook on fast food completely. And I will not be the only one, mainly because I will be dragging all and sundry here at the first opportunity I get.

2 mains, 2 beers – €20
Boojum Millennium Walkway, Dublin
Di Fontaine’s 21 Parliament Street, Dublin
Subway Oh, bloody everywhere

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