My Hot Mess

Dubbed so because it’s an absolute mess of some of my favourite ingredients, and made in honour of the sunny June bank holiday when beers in the garden take precedence over hours in the kitchen. The creaminess of the goat cheese offset by the tang of sundried tomatoes and rocket. Garlic combining with the oil to seep into the bread, leaving it crispy on the outside and gooey centred, and the sweet cherry tomatoes exploding on the plate as you press them against forkfuls of the bread.

However, this dish simply could not be possible without the thick, acid-sweet syrup that is balsamico crème. If you do not have this in your press, rush out immediately to buy it, and try to refrain from squeezing half of it down your neck. This is gorgeous on so many things – topping tomato sauce on pasta, spreading on oven baked peppers, dipping garlic bread into.

Do yourself a favour and introduce your tastebuds to the joy that is this sauce.

Handful of cherry tomatoes
Olive oil

10 sundried tomatoes
1 garlic clove
1.5/2 inches of a roll of goat cheese
Half teaspoon cayenne pepper
Half teaspoon black pepper
Sprinkle of chilli
Balsamico crème
(Optional) Few roasted hazelnuts

Steps to Deliciousness

1) Put cherry tomatoes into a bowl, and toss with a little olive oil, salt and pepper.

2) Place onto baking tray, and bake at 180 degrees celsius until the tomatoes begin to split open (About 15/20 minutes)

3) Combine the chopped sundried tomatoes, garlic and goat cheese with the pepper, chilli and a dessert spoon of the oil from the sundried tomato jar.

4) Top the bagel with the mix and drizzle with balsamico crème.

5) Bake until the goat cheese begins to melt.

6) Serve with rocket, cherry tomatoes and if you like an extra crunch, some crushed roasted hazelnuts.

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