Cheese and pepper scones

I have already mentioned in my mother’s brown bread recipe post that I cannot resist freshly baked brown bread. This weakness extends to almost all baked goods. It’s dangerous for my waistline for me to have access to an oven, flour and butter but it’s a risk I must take on a daily basis.

One of my favourite things to make, because they’re quick and simple and can be changed to any taste are scones. Also, because when I get a craving at ten at night for hot baked goods, these can be on a plate in front of me, smothered in butter, by ten thirty.

Ingredients (makes 4/6 depending on size preference)

225g self raising flour
40g butter
25g mature cheddar
150ml milk
3 teaspooons cayenne pepper
3 teaspoons black pepper
Pinch of salt

Steps to deliciousness

1) Preheat the oven to 220 degrees Celsius.
2) Sieve the flour into a bowl, and add the pepper and salt.

3) Chop the butter into cubes, and add.

4) Rub the butter into the flour – As before, do not overwork it, and if it goes grey/greasy, you need to start again.

5) Grate and add the cheese.

6) Add most of the milk (You probably won’t need the whole 150ml) and quickly mix with your fingers until it turns into a kneadable dough. Add a little more flour/milk as needed.

7) Divide into vaguely scone shaped circles and pop onto an oiled baking tray. (As one does not have a rolling pin, one has had to make do with this technique)

8) Bake for 10/12 minutes, until the scones are browned, and sound hollow when you tap the bottom. As usual, serve with vast quantities of butter.

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5 thoughts on “Cheese and pepper scones

  1. Frapple says:

    They look so nom! I tried to bake them tonight but it turned out I only had the flour and black pepper – cupboard fail! I foresee a midweek baking session soon though 😀

  2. Jean says:

    I hope you enjoy 😀

  3. Lorraine says:

    Hi hi,

    A friend (Fi) put me wide to this blog.

    After our slightly botched attempt at Bacon Buttermilk n Maple syrup pancakes (doubled the butter – not recommended) I decided to make the above scones for my Mum. She’s a massive fan of cheese so I near trebled the quantity (still turned out excellent). That auld cayenne pepper certainly has a kick! Woah momma! These are exciting savoury fireworks for the mouth (served with a tonne of butter) guised as the humble scone.

    Kudos! : )

    • Jean says:

      Ha! I may have had a sneak preview of aforementioned scones 😀 glad you enjoyed.
      I put cayenne in most things – it is fantastic!
      Do not double the butter! They must’ve been so greasy >.<

      • Lorraine says:

        My self raising flour also had weevils in so had to make do with cream flour and bicarbonate of soda. May have resulted in a slightly teeth squeaking eating experience.

        And yes, they were mighty greasy. But we survived. Arteries intact.

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